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The right to know

Until when?
Uncertainly is killing


1  The seven persons mentioned in this report are still miss ing according to a recent checking. (Ed. Note: names fol­ low)

2  On 24 September 1974 the ICRC received a list of pris oners of war made by the Turkish Cypriot Police Authori­ ties (Lefkosa Turk Emniyet Mudurlugu). This list contains, 2.115 names of POWs. After the necessary cross­ checking, the seven persons mentioned are still regis­ tered by the ICRC as missing. (There is no POW regis­ tered or released under the said names according to the ICRC index cards; moreover, the relatives have con­ firmed that the above-mentioned are still missing).

3. According to the list, six of the seven are registered as
POWs in Turkey, the seventh as POW in Cyprus.

4. A few differences can be seen when comparing the Turk­
ish list with the ICRC files. The following may offer an ex planation for these discrepancies:

i. The persons who made the list did not have a good knowledge of the Greek language and made some er rors in the transcription of the names.

ii. Many Greek Cypriots are known under different names.

iii. The Greek Cypriots themselves are sometimes not certain of a person's age, profession, etc.


There follows on the next pages the cases of the seven declared prisoners who have not been released, as given by the ICRC.




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Organisation of Relatives of Undeclared Prisoners and Missing Persons of Cyprus